Why did I choose Medical Sciences at Western? 

When I was in grade 12, I applied to six engineering programs and two science programs. I specifically loved physics and calculus, which is why I thought I’d like engineering. However, becoming a doctor had been my dream since I was 12 years old. So, when it was time to make my decision back in May 2019, I was completely torn between the two programs. I was either going to go to UofT for engineering science or Western for medical science.

The reason I chose medical science is simply that I did not want to give up on my dream of being a doctor, and I knew that I would not achieve a high enough GPA required for medical school at UofT engineering science. It turns out that after the first year I realized physics and calculus are not my cup of tea after all. Medical science also offers tremendous opportunities through numerous modules. I was particularly interested in the research thesis offered in fourth year. Another factor that heavily influenced my decision is the beauty of Western’s campus. The first time I visited Western, I fell in love and I could not see myself anywhere else. 

My Experience in Western’s Medical Sciences Program: 

I love Western and I enjoy my program, but like everything, it is not perfect. First year was very different from grade 12 in terms of difficulty and workload. I remember in high school I would be upset with anything below a 90. Now, when I score anywhere above 85, I am ecstatic. Also, the program itself is very competitive, likely because everyone has a goal to get into medical school.

Despite the competitive environment, I met one of my best friends through my program. Medical science is not an easy program, but with the right work ethic and study habits, achieving high grades is entirely possible. It might be overwhelming at first, but now that I am almost finished second year, I have learned how to manage the workload and stress. The first-year lectures are very large and intimidating, but the best way to make friends is to simply start up a conversation with someone. This is because the person sitting beside you in the lecture is likely feeling nervous too.

I moved to Western alone, and I can genuinely say that when it’s time to graduate  I will be leaving with everlasting friendships. The university itself is amazing. There are countless opportunities to get involved on campus, the residence halls hold numerous events including two formals, and the campus is beautiful and welcoming. 

In Terms of Study Habits:

There are a lot of experiences that I have from my two years at Western, although there is one in particular that I will never forget. During midterm season, Western keeps their libraries open 24/7, and one night my friend and I wanted to stay overnight to study. We came prepared, with monster energy drinks and determination to ace a midterm, whilst having fun in the process. We studied all night together and then walked home at around 4 am. I will never forget the nights at Taylor library, and I cannot wait for more to come in my third year.

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