Waterloo to Western: My Story

Waterloo to Western: My Story
4th Year

Why did I choose Ivey at Western?

I chose Western University because it gave me the opportunity to study both medical sciences and business at a strong academic institution, that also offers being a part of a deeply social school. This enabled me to balance my academic interests (because I was not yet certain if I wanted to study science or business) with my social interests. The Ivey business program is structured in a way that you study whatever you want in your first two years, and if your grades are good enough you can progress into Ivey Business School. Taking an additional fifth year offers students the opportunity to do a dual degree, so I knew I had many options open.


My Experience in Western’s Ivey Program:

My experience has been very positive as I was able to study from and alongside some of Canada’s brightest business leaders, as well as meet some of my best friends ever. Western does carry a reputation of being a party school (and it can be if that’s what you want) but it also offers a strong social scene for those that don’t want to party just as much (Ivey is very party heavy if that isn’t your thing). Additionally, the case-based teaching method at Ivey had played out to be a great opportunity for me as I was able to learn a lot about general business skills and knowledge in an experiential way. 


Things to note about Ivey’s Case Method:

Case method is very easy for people that are good at speaking in front of others, and can feel intimidating and be an obstacle if you are not confident in your speaking skills.  Additionally, studying only gets you so far in Ivey and it’s the presentation of your ideas and your ability to communicate them that in the end sets you apart from others. Don’t break your back studying, study smart not hard! Learn the fundamentals and then understand how to communicate them effectively and you’ll excel. 

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Yan Castaldo

Yan Castaldo

University of Western Ontario
4th Year
My name is Yan Castaldo, and I am from Richmond Hill, Ontario. I am deeply passionate about music and philosophy, and will be progressing into a career in consulting. I first went into mechanical engineering at Waterloo, but found it to be impersonal and didn’t find engineering particularly interesting. I find more abstract problems exciting, and engineering is a very practical field of real-world applications, which don’t always excite me as much. I am a very relationship-driven person, and need strong interpersonal relationships to be fulfilled, which I was lacking at Waterloo. This led me to drop out and reapply to other schools.
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