Why did I choose Laurier BBA?

I had chosen Laurier’s BBA program because I wanted to be challenged, part of a great community, and be introduced to all areas of business. When I was applying to university, I knew that I was passionate about business. But I wasn’t certain of which area I wanted to study and pursue a career in. The Laurier BBA program is set up to have students build a strong foundation and explore the different areas of business within the first two years. Students are able to pick a specialization to pursue in third year and have the option to stay general.

My Experience in Laurier BBA:

Within the Laurier BBA program, students have projects that are directly linked to program-wide competitions. Such as New Venture, the IKEA Sustainability Challenge, Changemaker Innovation Challenge, and the PepsiCo Pitch competition. In my first year of university competing in the PepsiCo Pitch competition was one of the most memorable experiences. For this competition, students learn about marketing and how to create a pitch. The topic of the pitch is on the New Venture you spent all of first year creating. All students get to compete across the program through preliminaries, semi-finals, and finals. During the final presentations, students are invited to watch. This provides students the opportunity to see what their peers have done, pick up presentation tips to use, and support peers who made it to finals.

Some Advice for Incoming Students:

Be involved. In university, there are many opportunities out there and it is up to you to pursue them. When you start looking into extracurriculars, focus on both your personal and professional interests. My experience in university has become richer through joining school clubs, competitions, and volunteering. It is important to balance out your time effectively so you will be able to succeed academically and pursue these opportunities.

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