Introducing Ourselves

First of all, thank you for taking the time to write about your experience.

We’re a group a McMaster students who are passionate about helping anyone who is having trouble with their university decision. We’ve dedicated this year to developing this project and finding more opportunities for students to get involved.


How to Fill Out the Form

Our team is looking forward to reading all your content once you have completed the form! Like always, please be sure to be as transparent as possible. The form will provide you with instructions you can use to complete the document. If you run into any troubles, you can contact our Blog Specialist who will provide you with assistance to complete the document. Please reach out to Hala:

Need a Reference?

Students like you have already posted for us! Feel free to use theirs as a reference here: EXAMPLE BLOG POSTS

Things to Consider...

  • You ARE allowed to critique your program. If there’s anything you don’t like about it, please include that, but ELABORATE on it. 
    • E.g. This program tends to have larger class sizes for most of the 4 years, which I haven’t enjoyed as much since I prefer close-knit interaction.
    • E.g. This program is entirely case-based, which can beneficial. But if you’re into research-based programs you may prefer elsewhere.
  • You ARE allowed to warn students of anything they may not be aware of as an applicant. 
  • You ARE NOT allowed to share any personal information (addresses, SIN, sensitive information, etc.). If you do, it will be removed in the editing process.

Now it's your turn

Your Short Biography 

Here are some things to get you started:

  • Where are you from?
  • Educational Interests
  • Personal Interests
  • Any planned career path?

Please upload a professional photo which will be used for your biography (optional):

Article Content


  • Which attributes about the program stood out to you the most, and why did you prefer those attributes? 
  • Is there anything you would want to warn students about? Maybe the school/program's coop is super competitive, or the class sizes are massive. These might be elements that students would want to know. 
  • Talk about it as your experience and not as fact. Remember that much of your experience is simply your opinion. Tell stories and point out elements of the school/program that you personally enjoy or don't enjoy. 
  • Honestly just have fun with it! You don't need to be super formal. Write as if you're talking to someone IRL!

Custom Paragraph

In this section, you have the chance to write about anything you'd want to inform high school students about your university/program. Call it a "Things I wish I knew as a high schooler" section if you will. 

Discord Community

What is Discord for?

Discord is designed to be the interactive platform for MyTopChoice. It allows for University students and Applicants to communicate with each other about the subjects and programs they’re interested in.

Here of the some of the features of our Discord:

  • Channels are streamlined by the topics of your choosing – you won’t be bombarded with information unless it’s relevant to you.
  • Be able to talk to applicants without compromising your personal information (since Discord just needs a username).
  • Be able to develop new relationships. Who knows - the parent of someone you meet could be your next employer!
  • Any future opportunities to give back to our writers will be announced.